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Iliotibial Band Friction Syndrome Treatment in SE Asia

Iliotibial band friction syndrome, also known as IT band syndrome, is an overuse injury and the most common cause of lateral knee pain in runners and cyclists. The problem can be prevented with advanced biomechanical screenings that can identify athletes and other patients who are predisposed to developing the problem. Once predisposing factors are determined, they can be quickly addressed before the problem occurs. For those who already have the condition, it can be treated with long-term conservative therapy or through surgical intervention, depending on its severity.

Comprehensive treatment for iliotibial band friction syndrome is widely available in Southeast Asia, one of the renowned medical tourism destinations of today. The region has several world-class hospitals and specialty centres and is known for aggressively investing in innovative technologies and developmental research. This is why it has become well-known among those in need of specialist care. Patients with iliotibial band friction syndrome would be happy to know that one of the top specialties in the region is orthopaedics. Most of the orthopaedic specialists and surgeons practicing in Southeast Asia gained valuable training and experience abroad, and incorporated Western best practices in their home countries.

Southeast Asia’s healthcare costs are much lower than in the West despite being equal in terms of quality. Patients are able to access advanced, good quality medical treatments at almost half the price that western hospitals normally charge for treatment.

The region’s top medical hubs, namely Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia, are also known for their excellent nursing care, multilingual staff, and other amenities geared towards making the institutions truly multicultural. The warm Asian hospitality and the unique environment and climate in Southeast Asia are also popular additional features that contribute to patients’ fast recovery.

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