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Singapore Offers Affordable Oncology Care

Seeking for better quality care and immediate medication attention at affordable rates for cancer treatment outside of Indonesia? Then your best option might be to head to Singapore.

Cancer treatments in Singapore, including surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, targeted therapy, and stem cell transplant are as much as 50-70 percent cheaper than in the United States or European countries. In addition, Singapore’s geographic proximity to Indonesia means that associated costs such as traveling are minimal.

However, lower prices in Singapore do not imply substandard care. In fact, many top cancer specialists in Singapore received their training from reputable training institutions in the West. Thus, their expertise and qualifications are on par with their Western counterparts.

In addition, Singapore remains highly competitive in terms of quality of infrastructure, quality of services, and quality of healthcare. With its world-class healthcare system, multiple accredited oncologists who are internationally trained, and exceptional success rate, Singapore should definitely be on the top of your list when choosing the best country for affordable yet high quality cancer treatment.

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