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Singapore Is A Top Destination for High Quality LASIK

If you’re seeking high quality LASIK eye surgery outside of Indonesia, Singapore is your ideal medical travel destination. Compared to Western countries, the cost of undergoing LASIK surgery in Singapore is up to 50 percent more affordable. However, more than cheaper prices, Singapore is the premier destination for LASIK as she is renowned for exceptional standards in terms of surgical skill and patient care.

Ophthalmologists in Singapore are certainly some of the best in the world. A majority of these professionals earned their degree in Ophthalmology by training in top medical institutions in the West. Those who trained locally are just as competent as Singapore’s ophthalmology programs closely follows that of the United Kingdom, which involves three years of basic training and advanced training each.

Also, ophthalmologists in the country practice only at accredited medical clinics and hospitals with world-class facilities. They also use the most advanced technology in the field of LASIK surgery, including Bladeless LASIK with wavefront technology and new generation laser platform that uses lower energy levels to reduce thermal energy applied to the cornea during the operation. Such technology leads to a fast, efficient and comfortable LASIK procedure.

Getting access to world-class LASIK surgery does not require travelling halfway across the globe. Going on medical travel to Singapore, one of your neighboring countries, saves you time and money. From the airport to medical infrastructure, your experience will be nothing short of pleasant. This guarantees not just better quality care and impressive outcome but also more affordable rates.

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