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Singapore Offers High Quality Orthopaedic Care

If you’re from Indonesia and seeking treatment for musculoskeletal injuries and disorders, which range from sports injuries to spinal problems, then going on a medical travel to Singapore could be a viable option for you. The country has the most advanced healthcare system in Southeast Asia, ranking 6th in the world according to WHO. There, you can expect the highest quality care without spending a fortune.

Musculoskeletal injuries are complex and typically require a multi-disciplinary team of specialists to diagnose and effectively treat the problem. Board certified orthopaedic surgeons in Singapore, many of whom received education from top medical universities in the West, work together with physiologists, occupational therapists, and skilled nurses to provide both local and international patients with the best possible rehabilitation and treatment plan.

These professionals have access to the most advanced medical technologies and are highly trained to offer extensive expertise in areas such as ankle and foot treatment, joint replacement, spinal care treatment, musculoskeletal tumors, sports-related injury and trauma.

On top of that, Singapore provides world-class service. Thousands of medical tourists from around the globe choose the city state as their preferred medical destination because of its top-notch healthcare system, and modern medical equipment and facilities. These, combined with Singapore’s signature brand of hospitality and unmatched commitment in providing quality health care make it the number one choice for patients in Indonesia who are looking for affordable yet high quality orthopaedic care for spine, neck, back and joint pains.

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