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Singapore Offers World Class Oncology Care

Cancer is one of the most common causes of death in Indonesia. Although the country makes significant investment and continues to work on fighting the disease with the rest of the world, you might want to look elsewhere for more immediate and high quality cancer treatment.

In fact, your best option would likely be to go on a medical travel to first-world Southeast Asian countries like Singapore.

Singapore’s healthcare system, which is currently number one in Southeast Asia, is designed to ensure that everyone has access to a high quality of healthcare. Also, it has modern infrastructure and world-class medical facilities in place to treat all stages of cancer. From screening to diagnosis and from treatment to palliative care, Singapore is committed to provide both local and international patients with unmatched medical care.

When it comes to cost, cancer treatments in Singapore are up to 70 percent cheaper compared in the United States or other European nations. However, the high quality of medical procedures done remains the same as many of the nation’s highly qualified oncologists were trained in the West.

Waiting time is also not an issue in Singapore as the country has a wealth of highly qualified cancer specialists enough to meet the demand of both local and international markets. You will rarely be asked to wait for more than one day for the initial consultation while diagnosis and treatment can be scheduled at your earliest convenience.

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