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Singapore Has Short Waiting Time for Oncology Care

Higher quality and more timely treatment for cancer has led many Indonesians to seek medical treatment outside of their home country. Singapore is particularly popular for medical oncology as there are many top oncologists in the country, and early detection and treatment are given top priority so as to ensure high survival rates.

Singapore has a wealth of highly qualified oncologists to handle both the demands of local and international markets. As such, patients like you who seek top quality cancer treatment can easily be accommodated at a moment’s notice.

Booking appointment from Indonesia to Singapore can be easily and quickly completed online and a consultation with top oncologists can be done the same day you arrive in the country. Similarly, cancer screening and diagnosis can be scheduled at your earliest convenience and surgery or other treatments can be scheduled whenever you are ready.

From initial assessment to initiation of most suitable treatment, you will rarely have to wait for more than a couple of days. Coupled with its world class medical facilities and equipment, and competitive pricing compared to the West (50 – 70 percent cheaper), your medical care experience in Singapore will be nothing short of pleasant.

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