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Southeast Asia Offers High Quality LASIK

For the past couple of decades, Southeast Asia has been one of the top destinations for medical travelers from within the region and the West. One of the reasons is the affordable yet quality healthcare that is available in many Asian countries.

A good example is LASIK eye surgery, known officially as Laser In-Situ Keratomileusis. The procedure may still be relatively new, but its technology has spread to various corners of the world, mostly because of the high success rate. Many of those who have undergone LASIK eye surgery no longer require the use of eyeglasses or contact lenses. The procedure is so efficient, that there is a significant improvement right after the procedure.

News regarding the success rate of LASIK spread widely in Asia and many of the hospitals in the region began to invest in the technology shortly after, with Thailand and Singapore leading the pack. Along with LASIK technology, many hospitals and medical institutions in these countries provide the best quality care in Southeast Asia and high standards are set when it comes to patient care, so much so that it is on par with Western standards.

Hospital confinement is not normally required for patients who have undergone LASIK surgery as the procedure itself takes less than an hour and patients can recover in their homes. The recovery process does not take long as well, although periodic checkups are scheduled with the ophthalmologist to ensure full recovery.

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