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Southeast Asia Is Recognized for its Quality Eye Care

Although Indonesia has made significant improvements in the field of ophthalmology, it has yet to catch up to other Southeast Asian nations, such as Singapore and Thailand in terms of the quality of their healthcare systems and access to most advanced technologies. If you’re suffering from visual impairment and require exceptional quality care, then traveling to either Singapore or Thailand could prove to be a viable option to receive affordable and quality eye care.

Both Singapore and South Korea have a long list of globally accredited hospitals and ophthalmology research centers that offer specialized treatment for various eye problems, including glaucoma, anterior segment retina, external corneal diseases, and optic nerve problems. Both also use the most modern technologies, such as laser assisted vision corrective methods such as LASIK and Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK).

Ophthalmologists practicing in these countries are some of the best in the world. A majority received their training and education at some of the most prestigious medical schools in the West. Thus, the quality of the procedures is on par with those produced in the United States and Europe.

In addition, Southeast Asian countries are known worldwide for their warm hospitality and this extends to patient care; rest assured that you will be well attended to before, during and after the procedure. Waiting time is also not an issue with ophthalmologists in Southeast Asian countries. In fact, patients are able to schedule an initial consultation as well as the actual procedure the day after they arrive in the country.

Also, traveling to Southeast Asia costs less compared to going on medical travel to Western countries.

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