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Indonesians Avoid Waiting With Plastic Surgery in Thailand

Plastic and cosmetic surgery in Indonesia has improved over the years, mainly due to the increasing demand for the procedure. The recent years has seen a jump in the number of Indonesians interested in cosmetic surgery. The problem is the limited supply of qualified plastic and cosmetic surgeons in the country. Just over a hundred qualified surgeons are registered and this is insufficient to handle the demand. Even foreigners residing in the country are searching for qualified surgeons and this adds to the number of locals eagerly waiting for a procedure.

The low supply of qualified plastic and cosmetic surgeons in the country versus the high number of potential patients has made it difficult to schedule a procedure. You can wait for quite some time before you obtain a schedule for the operation. Additionally, it can also take time for the required laboratory tests to complete, thus adding to the agony of waiting.

The best alternative if you’re considering cosmetic surgery outside of your country is to see a specialist in Thailand. The country is known throughout Asia and the world to have the ability to provide quick and high quality cosmetic surgery. The number of qualified cosmetic surgeons in Thailand is more than enough to serve the local market and accept the onslaught of foreign travelers as well.

A cosmetic surgery in Thailand will rarely take more than a day to schedule. The whole process, from scheduling to completion, will only take a couple of days.

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