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Indonesians Go To Singapore for High Quality Dental Implants

If you’re from Indonesia and if you’re seeking affordable dental implants as well as world-class quality care, one of your best options is Singapore.

Over the years, Singapore has increasingly become popular for patients seeking dental implants. In the early 80’s such a procedure would not only be costly, but it would also take months to recover from the surgery. However, advancements in dental implant technologies and procedures have significantly decreased the time required for the surgery and the recovery process. This is and other factors have contributed to the popularity of Singapore as a dental tourism destination not just for Indonesians but from dental patients across the globe. Some of these factors are:

Quality Care: Singapore is one of the most developed nations in Southeast Asia. As such, the country has invested heavily in improving infrastructure as a whole, particularly the medical facilities. Majority of the dental facilities in Singapore are at par with facilities in western countries. It goes to say that having a dental implant procedure performed in Singapore is similar to having the same procedure done in the west.

Affordable Cost: Affordability is a prime factor why many nationalities choose to travel to Singapore for dental implants. The cost of such a procedure is around 50% less than what it cost in western countries. Adding this to the high quality healthcare services that Singapore dental institutions provide makes the country a very attractive option. Also, Indonesia’s close proximity to Singapore means cheaper airfare.

Technological Advancements: Singapore is one of the leading nations in dental implant technologies. Education is at the forefront of these technologies and Singapore has some of the top universities in the region dedicated to the advancement of dental implant technology. Furthermore, the country is often the host of conferences and seminars that discuss methods on how such technologies can be further improved.

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