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Latest Malignant Tumour of Oral Cavity Treatments in SE Asia

Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia currently offer comprehensive treatment packages for patients who suffer from malignant tumours of the oral cavity. Healthcare providers in these countries use advanced technologies to offer breakthrough treatments with the goal to deliver Western standards of healthcare. These treatments include sentinel lymph node mapping and biopsy to identify lymph nodes that have been affected by cancer. This procedure uses a special radiation detector that can identify potentially cancerous lymph nodes.

Cancer centres in Southeast Asia, particularly those that are accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI), also use modern methods and approaches in delivering chemotherapy and radiotherapy. An example of a modern radiotherapy technique is stereotactic radiosurgery, which delivers a large yet precise dose of radiation to the tumour in just a few sessions. It is a promising new technique and is currently a great option for patients who suffer from recurrent mouth cancers. Other innovative treatments for mouth and throat cancers, such as proton beam therapy and intensity modulated radiation therapy, are also widely available in the region.

Driven to continuously improve patient outcomes, the region continuously invests in developmental cancer research. Thanks to new discoveries on DNA changes in the mouth and throat and their tendency to result in cancer, Southeast Asian hospitals now also perform gene therapies that prevent certain malignant cells from growing.

With Southeast Asia’s robust medical infrastructure, patients who are suffering from malignant tumours of the oral cavity don’t have to settle for low-cost but ineffective or effective but exceedingly costly treatments. Now, they can avail of safe, effective, and modern treatments at a low cost by flying out to Singapore, Thailand, or Malaysia.

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