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Meniscal Repair in Southeast Asia

Meniscal repair is a medical procedure that aims to stabilize and cushion the joints. Although several highly competent surgeons perform this procedure in western countries, more and more patients are unable to undergo the procedure simply because of the cost.

If your home country doesn’t provide meniscal repair at a price that you can afford, travel to Southeast Asia where you can expect the same quality procedure for up to 75% cheaper. Even with additional costs such as airfare, you can still expect to save thousands of dollars.

In this region, the quality of the procedure is guaranteed by internationally-trained surgeons who have access to advanced surgical technologies and have the technical know-how in performing minimally invasive techniques that ensure exceptional results but minimize downtime and discomfort during the procedure. In addition, waiting time is never a problem in Southeast Asia. As long as you make an appointment prior to boarding your plane, your chosen surgeon will be able to accommodate you at your earliest convenience. Customer service is also top-notch as Southeast Asians are known for their hospitality and their caring nature. As such, you can expect exceptional experience without spending a fortune.

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