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Minimally Invasive Ganglion Cyst Excision in Southeast Asia

A ganglion cyst is a swelling that forms on top of a joint or tendon. It most commonly forms on top of the wrist, but can also form on various parts of the body where there are joints and tendons. Although they are benign, these abnormal lumps can result in limited hand motion, weakening of the hand, and joint instability. They can also cause paresthesia and pain especially if the cyst compresses the median nerve.

For the long-term treatment of ganglion cysts, patients should consider undergoing surgery. Although a non-surgical aspiration is sometimes possible, surgery becomes necessary in the majority of cases to make sure the whole cyst is removed with few complications. Now, however, research in sclerotherapy has been stepping up to help patients avoid surgery.

All these various treatment options are available in Southeast Asia, which has attained worldwide recognition for its medical tourism industry. The region gained special attention for its ability to provide patients with a wide array of treatments and procedures for practically any medical issue, ranging from chronic medical conditions to the less common problems, such as ganglion cysts. In Southeast Asia, no medical issue is too small nor too big to be resolved due to the region’s highly competent healthcare infrastructure.

Thanks to its well-developed healthcare system, Southeast Asian countries offer patients an assortment of options for the management of ganglion cysts. These include medical therapy, aspiration, cyst puncture, or open cyst removal. But the most sought after treatment is arthroscopic excision, a minimally invasive method that many internationally trained Southeast Asian doctors are highly skilled at. This procedure is widely preferred as it uses smaller incisions leading to minimal scarring. Although equally effective, the risks of open surgery are greatly reduced with this option.

It is the region’s active support for such modern medical procedures that helped fuel the impressive growth of its medical tourism market. Indeed, Southeast Asia’s healthcare industry has grown both in numbers and in global significance over the recent years. However, its healthcare costs remain at a reasonable level, making it the ideal destination of choice for medical tourists seeking safe, effective, yet affordable treatment for ganglion cysts.

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