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More Promising Male and Female Infertility Treatments in SEA

Infertility is a common problem that affects both men and women. Based on studies, up to 40% of infertility cases are caused by male infertility and are usually caused by sperm problems. Female infertility, on the other hand, is caused largely by a dysfunction in any of the female reproductive organs. These problems include ovulatory dysfunction, fallopian tube disease, and endometriosis, among others.

Due to major advancements in the field of medicine, infertility is now no longer an obstacle for partners who wish to conceive a child. More and more promising treatments now offer better success rate that improves their chances of realising their dream of building a family. These new, breakthrough reproductive technologies can be had in Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia for a considerably low cost when compared to Western countries such as the United States and United Kingdom.

Thailand is home to Bangkok IVF Centre, a specialised fertility centre that lies at the forefront of reproductive technology. The centre offers a variety of options such as in-vitro fertilisation, cryopreservation, pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, assisted hatching, and so many others. The centre is staffed by highly skilled and well-trained embryologists and fertility specialists and features state-of-the-art fertility labs.

Singapore is also one of the top providers of breakthrough assisted reproductive technology (ART) treatments in Southeast Asia. One of its Joint Commission International (JCI)-accredited hospitals, Raffles Medical Centre, offers a range of infertility treatment and boasts an impressive success rate.

The biggest challenge that patients face in pursuing fertility treatments is the cost. Southeast Asia’s fertility centres saw this as another opportunity to obtain an advantage over more expensive fertility centres in the US and UK. With generally lower healthcare costs, even the most advanced assisted reproductive technology treatments are more affordable in Southeast Asia.

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