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Pacemakers More Accessible and Affordable in Southeast Asia

Pacemakers are small devices used to control the heart’s rhythm to prevent abnormalities in heart rate. These are implanted in the chest or abdomen, from where they can quietly send electrical pulses going to the heart, prompting it to beat normally. As the number one treatment for severe arrhythmias, pacemakers allow people suffering from various heart conditions to live more active lifestyles. However, the problem, especially for patients in western countries, is having the pacemaker placed, which requires minor surgery performed in a hospital or heart treatment facility. Just like any minor surgery, there are both risks and costs to consider, especially for patients living in western countries where the price of health care is constantly rising.

Fortunately, pacemakers can be safely placed at any of the state-of-the-art health facilities in Southeast Asia at almost half of the cost it would entail in the west. With the general cost of living and healthcare significantly lower in Asia, the region makes pacemakers more accessible and affordable for people who urgently need it.

Moreover, due to the significant effects of heart conditions on the life of patients, time is usually of the essence when it comes to the placement of pacemakers. Traveling to Southeast Asia as a heart patient will help you receive prioritized and personalized treatment, thanks to the better staffing offered by the region. With no waiting times, patients are able to receive treatment at the soonest possible time.

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