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Peripheral Artery Disease Angioplasty and Stenting in SEAsia

Southeast Asia has attracted thousands of Westerners not only for its fine beaches, well-preserved culture and heritage, and delectable local food; it has also now become a go-to place for those who seek affordable complex treatments such as peripheral artery disease angioplasty and stenting.

Thanks to the growing support of both the public and private sector to medical tourism, many healthcare facilities in Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia are now ISO certified, equipped with top-of-the-line equipment and technologies like robotic surgery, and run by qualified heart doctors and specialists with degrees obtained either locally or abroad (or both). There’s also a growing community of professional expatriates who lend their skills and services in these facilities.

Comfort is also a niche in Southeast Asian health care. For Westerners, everything is prepared prior to the arrival, from the accommodation to airfare, food, and tours to ensure exceptional experience. A personal assistant can be appointed to assist patients in their needs while in the country. Recovery rooms can be likened to suites of five-star hotels while doctors can personally visit their patients in their hotels for quick and stress-free recovery.

In America or other developed nations, peripheral artery disease angioplasty and stenting can cost a lot of money, something that drains a family’s life savings. Meanwhile, Southeast Asia gives you personalized high-quality care for just 30% of what you have to pay in your home country.

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