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Pulmonic Valve Regurgitation Expert Care in Southeast Asia

Pulmonic valve regurgitation is a medical condition in which blood flows abnormally from the pulmonary artery into the right ventricle due to a defect in the pulmonic valve. It is most commonly caused by pulmonary hypertension, but can also be caused by infective endocarditis, congenital valvular heart disease, or rheumatic fever, among others. It is very important to determine the cause of pulmonic valve regurgitation, as the condition can only be treated by managing its underlying cause.

Patients suffering from pulmonic valve regurgitation will benefit greatly by going to a complete, fully-equipped cardiac care centre. Such medical facilities are widely available in Southeast Asia, allowing patients from different countries to enjoy more options when looking for high-quality but affordable heart care. Many hospitals in Southeast Asia are accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI), which means they have passed the organisation’s strict, high standards. Despite this, healthcare in the region is up to 70% cheaper than in developed countries in the West.

Bangkok, for one, offers patients requiring high-quality cardiovascular care various choices. One of its hospitals, Vejthani Hospital, features the world-class Vejthani Cardiac Centre. The centre specialises in valvular heart disease, coronary artery disease, and acute myocardial infarction. The centre has a non-invasive cardiac imaging laboratory and is staffed by world-class cardiovascular and valvular specialists, many of them received training abroad and are certified by the US Board. Thus, patients can expect to receive treatments that are parallel in quality to those offered in the US and UK, without having to spend as much.

Malaysia is also a widely preferred destination for medical tourists. It gained recognition among international patients due to its unique take on medical tourism. The country improved its medical tourism industry in creative ways, such as putting meet-and-greet personnel at the airport, hiring translators and multilingual staff, and streamlining its visa application process.

Given all these, patients no longer need to travel to the US and UK to find a fully qualified and well-trained heart doctor practicing in a JCI-accredited facility.

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