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Quality Carpal Tunnel Treatment in Southeast Asia

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, which is a personal illness due to repetitive motion trauma, is one of the fastest growing occupational illnesses affecting millions of people in western countries. Although several treatments are widely available in the United States and European countries, very few insurance companies cover the cost of surgery and rehabilitation, which range from $3,500 to $35,000 depending on the severity of the case.

Traveling to Southeast Asia is one of your best options if you seek quality, affordable, and timely treatment for your carpal tunnel syndrome.

Physicians in Southeast Asian countries will begin by making a diagnosis using accurate history and by conducting specific test to try to produce the symptoms of the condition. Nerve test, called EMG and X-ray, maybe required if your doctor suspects underlying bone problem.

If the symptoms are severe and persistent, your doctor in Southeast Asia may recommend minor surgery that can be scheduled at your earliest convenience. Countries such as Singapore, South Korea, and Thailand, offers minimally invasive endoscopic carpal tunnel release that guarantees 98% success rate. High quality post operation hand rehabilitation can also be taken advantage of in Southeast Asia following the operation.

While doctors in South Korea and Thailand charge a bit lower compared to Singapore for various Carpal Tunnel Syndrome surgeries, the latter boasts of world-class healthcare system, the most advanced technologies, and several internationally trained doctors. These practically guarantee highest quality care in the region. However, regardless of the Southeast Asian country you choose, you are assured of 50-70% savings even with added cost such as travel and accommodation.

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