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Quick and Affordable Umbilical Hernia Repair in SE Asia

Southeast Asia is one of the leading players in the field of global medical tourism. Every year, it attracts thousands of patients from all points of the world who are seeking high quality but affordable medical and surgical care. The region exerts continuous efforts to remain at the forefront of medical innovation and technology with the aim to constantly redefine standards in advanced healthcare. Its key countries, namely Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia are recognised as medical tourism hubs due to their impressive medical infrastructures. Many of their hospitals are accredited by highly respected international organisations such as Joint Commission International (JCI) and International Standards Organisation (ISO). Aside from advanced facilities and modern equipment, these hospitals also invest in their workforce by sending their doctors and surgeons to Western countries to stay updated on the best practices and the most advanced available surgical tools and methods.

Umbilical hernia patients from all over the world can take advantage of Southeast Asia’s world-class hospitals and medical services. Medical tourists in this region are given top priority and are attended to at their earliest convenience. Medical procedures, such as umbilical hernia repair, are typically performed using the laparoscopic method, which minimises common risks and complications associated with traditional open surgery.

Recognising that medical travel can be daunting for some patients, many healthcare providers in the region offer value-add services, offering end-to-end solutions based on patient’s preferences and resources. These services range from airport pick-up to send off after treatment.

Travelling to Southeast Asia for medical and surgical care is a more affordable option to going to Western countries where the technology used and the skills of doctors are comparable to those found in Southeast Asia. It is a particularly viable option for patients from other Southeast Asian countries who seek the highest quality of care but do not wish to travel too far or spend too much.

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