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Receive Chemotherapy in Singapore

Despite the growing number of Indonesians suffering from different types of cancer, the country still has very limited number of qualified oncologists. The number of high quality medical facilities that are fully equipped to provide quality cancer treatments are also few and far in between. For this reason, more and more patients consider traveling abroad for chemotherapy and Singapore remains to be the first option.

Chemotherapy is typically given in cycles, each followed by a rest period. Using the most advanced technology, proven highly effective medications are injected into a vein or muscle to destroy cancer cells that are rapidly growing and dividing at the same time. Patients from Indonesia can travel to Singapore for each cycle and go back to their country after to save on associated costs.

Cost and Quality of Care: Indonesia’s severely limited number of international-standard hospitals and qualified oncologists pushes the cost of quality chemotherapy considerably above what is usually expected from countries in the same region. Often, the cost is more or less the same in some western countries. However, when it comes to quality of care, Indonesia is seriously far behind Singapore, which has the most impressive healthcare system in the region.

The city state has a long list of internationally accredited oncologists and have access to affordable yet highly effective cancer medications. In addition, the country’s state-of-the-art medical infrastructure and advanced medical technologies help improve the chances of curing the cancer.

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