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Receive Chemotherapy in Southeast Asia

Chemotherapy has long been one of the most popular types of treatments designed to cure and control cancer. It’s also used to ease cancer symptoms, shrink tumors, and ease pain or pressure. In western countries where the incidence of cancer is higher compared to other nations, Chemotherapy is typically sought after.

In recent years, as world-class drugs used for chemotherapy became widely available in different parts of the world, cancer patients from the west were given an option to cross borders to get the same quality but substantially affordable cancer treatment. One of the best medical travel destinations that is recognized for its advancement in the field of cancer treatment is Southeast Asia.

However, patients still do wonder, is it worth the trip? Money-wise, you can save up to 75% of medical cost when you travel to Southeast Asia. Even with associated cost, you’ll still enjoy enormous savings. But money isn’t the only factor that makes the trip to Southeast Asia worth it. It’s also the fact that the same quality treatment can be expected especially if you choose Singapore, which has better healthcare system compared to United States and majority of European countries.

In addition, Southeast Asian countries are dedicated in providing international patients with the best health care services possible. Aside from using FDA approved drugs and the most advanced technology in chemotherapy, you can also expect timely medical attention. No more waiting for more than a couple of days for appointment with oncologists and treatment will be scheduled at your earliest convenience.

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