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Receive Congestive Heart Failure Treatment in Singapore

Congestive heart failure is a life-threatening medical condition that occurs when the heart has lost its ability to effectively pump blood due to abnormality of cardiac function. As a result, blood moves through the body at a slower rate while the pressure in the heart increases. While mild cases are treated with medication, severe cases may warrant surgery and even heart transplant.

Although Indonesia has several medical facilities offering diagnostics and treatment of congestive heart failure, you’ll be in better hands if you travel to Singapore where advanced treatment options are widely available.

Diagnosis and Treatments - Congestive heart failure is diagnosed using a wide range of both noninvasive and invasive tests. These include chest x-ray, electrocardiography, holter monitoring, and MRI. For advances cases, invasive tests such as nuclear imaging, cardiac catheterization, trans-oesophageal and echocardiography, may also be ordered. These tests are readily available at any Singapore’s top hospitals including Singapore Heart Foundation.

Depending on the symptoms and severity of your condition, a variety of treatment options will be presented to you by your heart specialist. These range from medication to invasive treatment for more serious conditions. Patients who are suffering from end-stage heart failure will require heart transplant.

Several top hospitals in Singapore also offers cardiac rehabilitation programs where patients can acquire mental, physical, and social assistance following heart surgery. These programs are designed to help patient resume their life as normal as possible.

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