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Receive Endometriosis Treatment in Singapore

Endometriosis is a hormonal and immune system disease that causes problems to women during childbearing years. Patients suffering from this condition have difficulty conceiving. Most common symptoms are pain in the pelvic area, abnormal bleeding, and infertility.

There is no cure for endometriosis but there are available treatments that can alleviate the pain and manage symptoms including infertility. Although these are available in Indonesia, Singapore, which boasts world-class healthcare, can provide you with higher quality treatment and better outcome.

In Singapore, endometriosis treatment starts with diagnosing the condition. When you consult gynecologist, internist, or general practitioner, a series of tests, which may include laparoscopy, transvaginal ultrasound, a CT scan, and MRI, will be performed. In Singapore, only the most advanced technology and state-of-the-art medical equipment are used during this procedure thus, you are assured that the result of diagnosis is 100% reliable.

If endometriosis has been confirmed, your doctor will discuss the best possible treatment based on your symptoms. FDA-approved medicines are typically prescribed for pain and bleeding. Hormone therapy may also be recommended. For advanced cases, surgery is typically the first option. The goal is to remove endometrial growths and scar tissue. This is a minimally invasive procedure that lasts for an hour. If you’re traveling from Indonesia to Singapore for this procedure alone, this can be scheduled on the same day you arrive to minimize associated costs particularly accommodation. You can even fly to Singapore in the morning and fly back at night right after the surgery if you really need to save money.

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