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Receive TMS Treatment in Singapore

Clinical depression or depressive disorder is a medical illness that typically leads to lack of interest and profound, constant sadness. Affecting more than 7% of Indonesia’s entire population, patients suffering from this condition are haunted by a sense of worthlessness, recurring thoughts of suicide, and lack of hope. However, depression can be treated and one of your best options is to get TMS treatment in Singapore.

TMS or transcranial magnetic stimulation is a medical procedure that involves the use of magnetic fields to stimulate the nerve cells in the brain with the goal to improve the symptoms of depression.

This cutting-edge treatment is widely available in Singapore and you can take advantage of it if prior antidepressant treatments did not work for you. However, there are certain factors that you need to seriously consider before you fly out.

Cost – Getting TMS treatment in Singapore can be costly as it’s typically offered as on inpatient basis. However, inpatient stay is generally covered by health insurance.

Track record – Check the track record of the clinic that offers TMS treatment before you even book an appointment. It’s crucial that they have years of prior experience and only hire the best medical professionals for this treatment.

Quality of service – Do your research and gather information about the experiences of previous clients to help you gauge the quality of service offered in the clinic that you’re considering. During the process, you may also get other valuable information such as the quality of the facility and how medical staff treats their patient. This information can help you make well-informed choices.

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