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Receive Treatment for Fistula in Singapore

Fistula, which is an abnormal connection between intestine, vessel, or organ, occurs in many parts of the body. It may grow between an artery and vein, between the vagina and vowel, or between the uterus and peritoneal cavity. Majority of fistulas heal and go away even without medication or treatment. However, those that do not heal generally require surgical repair.

Diagnosis in Singapore: If you’re considering getting fistula treatment in Singapore, the first order of business is to book appointment with a general practitioner who may later refer you to specialist who deals with colon and rectal diseases. Diagnosis will follow and this typically includes examining the area where the fistula is located. If there is an opening on the skin, the doctor will require additional tests to determine the direction and depth of the fistula track. External opening maybe required to drain the content of the fistula.

Treatment in Singapore: If your fistula hasn’t healed after considerable amount of time and after weeks of home remedies, specialists may recommend surgery. Most fistulas are treated with fistulotomy, which is widely available at top hospitals in Singapore. During the procedure, the skin and the muscle will be cut open allowing the fistula track to heal from the inside. Fistula surgery, which is done on an outpatient basis, lasts for less than an hour. This means that you can save on associated costs as you can schedule your stay in Singapore for just a day or two.

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