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Receive Treatment for Kidney Cancer in Singapore

Finding out that you have Kidney Cancer can be one of the hardest times of your life. However, you should know that it is possible to recover from such a disease. With the right treatment performed by a team of highly experienced medical specialists, the chances that you will still live a full and active life after recovery are very high.

Singapore has some of the best cancer treatment facilities in Southeast Asia and it is only a few hours travel from Indonesia. Over the years, the country has made significant progress in the research, treatment methods, and technologies that aid in the removal of Kidney Cancer.

However, before you decide on seeking treatment in Singapore, you should consider that the process could be lengthy depending on your physical situation. As Kidney Cancer mostly affects the elderly, your physical condition will play a big part in the treatment regimen.

The standard treatment is to perform a partial or radical nephrectomy. A partial nephrectomy is a surgical procedure that will remove the cancerous portion of your kidney. A radical nephrectomy, on the other hand, is performed in advanced cases and mostly when you still have another functioning kidney. Even if the kidney that’s affected with cancer is removed completely, you can still function normally with the other kidney.

These types of surgery are only performed if your physical condition can withstand the procedure. Otherwise, other treatment options such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, and targeted therapy will be highly considered..

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