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Receive Treatment for Meningioma in Southeast Asia

If you’re experiencing symptoms such as changes in vision, hearing loss, seizure, and weakness in your arms or legs and if you suspect that you may have meningioma, which is a tumour that arises from the meninges, you should highly consider getting medical attention. Aside from consulting a general practitioner in your country, you also have the option to travel to Southeast Asia where the cost of diagnosis and treatment is just a fraction of what you’ll pay in your country.

When getting diagnosis for meningioma, your best option is to consult a general practitioner in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, or South Korea. There is no need to worry about quality of medical care as majority of medical professionals in the region have studied and trained in top schools in western countries. Thus, you can expect the same quality of care offered in United States or European countries.

The condition will be diagnosed through regular brain scans. You’ll be pleased to know that Southeast Asian countries are also using the same advanced medical technologies and state-of-the-art medical equipment used in western countries.

Depending on diagnosis, your Southeast Asian doctor may recommend surgery. For this condition, craniotomy is typically performed by surgeons who have years of experience in this field. The procedure involves the removal of a piece of bone from the skull so surgeons can gain access to the affected portion of the brain. The success rate of this surgery in Southeast Asia is as impressive as in the United States so you’ve got nothing to worry about.

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