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Receive Treatment for Spina Bifida in Singapore

Spina Bifida is a developmental congenital disorder also known as neural tube defect. This condition is characterized by the incomplete development of the spinal cord, brain, and meninges. Although majority of children with mild form of spina bifida are able to live normally, those who have the most severe form suffer from chronic bladder problem and scoliosis. Others have to deal with hydrocephalus or scoliosis.

If you’re from Indonesia but want only the best treatment for your child who is suffering from most severe form of spina bifida, your best and most economical option is to travel to Singapore.

The country, which boasts of the best healthcare in the region, has several dedicated hospitals and medical facilities focused on diagnosing and treating this condition. Among them is the National Spinal Cord Injury association. There are also several orthopaedic clinics in the country that offer wide range of treatments including special therapy, surgery, and patient monitoring.

Cost and Benefits - Traveling to Singapore for Spina Bifida treatment doesn’t necessary yield to significant savings. The cost is more or less the same in Indonesia. You may even have to spend more for associated costs. However, you are guaranteed of world-class health care.

Most specialists in Singapore who treat this condition have extensive training at some of the best medical schools in the west. In addition, the country is home to top hospitals that are well equipped with the most advanced medical equipment and technology for any type of surgery. This significantly improves the chances of successful outcome.

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