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Recover from Acetaminophen Overdose in Southeast Asia

More and more patients seeking to recover from an acetaminophen overdose are travelling to Southeast Asia for treatment. Acetaminophen is a widely used drug for the relief of pain and fever. However, when taken in excessively large doses, it can lead to an overdose. If not treated right away, the patient is at risk of liver damage.

Patients suffering from symptoms of an acetaminophen overdose have a lot of benefits to gain from travelling to Southeast Asia for treatment. Southeast Asian countries like Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia have a lot of hospitals and medical facilities that specialise in the diagnosis of potential liver problems associated with an acetaminophen overdose. With Joint Commission International (JCI) and International Standards Organisation (ISO) certified medical facilities, these countries have the necessary equipment to perform advanced diagnostic testing such as liver function tests and prothrombin time (PT) and INR rates.

Those suffering from severe liver damage due to an acetaminophen overdose can also visit Thailand, where there are a lot of specialised liver transplant clinics. Liver transplant is a highly complex procedure where several factors, such as compatibility of the donor liver, come into play. To ensure a safe and successful procedure, it is important to find the best transplant and hepatobiliary surgeons who are trained and experienced to take care of the patient’s medical needs during the entire procedure.

Thailand is also especially known for its wellness centres where patients suspected of ingesting large doses of acetaminophen with the intent to self-harm can also seek psychological and psychosocial rehabilitation.

Singapore also offers high-quality liver disease treatment using the latest medical equipment and well-trained and highly skilled doctors and nurses. The country has a large number of hepatology centres that have been serving international patients for many years now. As the first medical tourism hub in Southeast Asia, Singapore is widely considered as the most reliable destination for international patients.

Malaysia, the newest fast-rising hub of medical tourism in the region, also has a lot of resources to offer to patients suffering from acetaminophen overdose. Aside from hepatologists, the country also has well-trained medical toxicologists to manage the problem.

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