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Relieve Tension with Acupressure in Southeast Asia

Acupressure is an ancient healing technique designed to stimulate the body’s natural self-curative abilities. Although research of its benefits is still in its infancy, hundreds of patients attest to its effectiveness in improving health problems including nausea that typically takes place after surgery, after chemotherapy, and during spinal anaesthesia. There are also reports to prove that it helps reduce stress, relieve pain, improve energy levels, and even lessen other symptoms of cancer.

If you’re from western countries receiving treatment for any type of medical condition in Southeast Asia, you may also consider getting this therapy. In general, acupressure is safe. However, if your medical condition prevents the movement of joints and muscle, you need to discuss with your doctor before trying any therapy. Typically, this is not recommended if you have spinal injury, have varicose veins, or if you’re pregnant.

Finding a licensed and certified acupressure practitioner in Southeast Asia is made easy by several government-sponsored and privately funded websites that list qualified practitioners in each country in Southeast Asia. Most countries here require practitioners to obtain license in another area of healthcare before they are allowed to offer acupuncture therapy. Often, they are required to have a degree in nursing or certification in massage therapy or acupuncture before they can practice hand-on techniques. The certifications are obtained after the practitioner completes a minimum of 150 hours of coursework. For this reason, you are assured that your therapist is highly skilled and can provide you with high quality service.

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