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Repair Venous Blockage in Southeast Asia for Best Results

Patients who suffer from venous blockage or an obstructed vein need to undergo surgery at the soonest possible time. To repair venous blockage, surgeons use a vascular bypass surgery that re-directs blood flow around the blocked vein. This procedure needs to be performed by trained vascular specialists. Thus, it can be costly especially when performed in developed countries such as the United States, Canada, and Australia.

Fortunately, Indonesians who suffer from obstructed veins can get low-cost but effective relief from their symptoms, such as pain and swelling, by travelling to Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore. These are the top three Southeast Asian countries known for delivering superior quality medical care, and the top reasons why the region is very popular among medical tourists. The region is currently home to numerous vein clinics that specialise in vascular surgery.

Due to the many potential complications of venous blockage such as pulmonary embolism or nerve damage during surgery, it is important for patients to seek immediate treatment from a trained specialist. Indonesians looking for such specialists can thus travel to Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore.

The high quality of medical care provided by hospitals and medical facilities in these countries can be attributed to the world-class education and training backgrounds of their medical experts. Many surgeons and specialists in these countries completed their degrees abroad and have thus helped their home countries meet international healthcare standards.

Surgery to repair venous blockage is up to 75% less expensive in Southeast Asian countries than it is in the United States and Europe. The lower cost of the procedure in Southeast Asia makes good quality medical care as well as emergency medical intervention more accessible to patients from Indonesia. On top of the cost savings, patients can also combine their medical trip with a business or a holiday trip to the region.

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