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Save Money on LASIK Surgery in Southeast Asia

According to studies on medical tourism, the two factors that greatly influence a decision to undergo medical procedures in Southeast Asia are cost and quality. With the rising cost of LASIK in the west, plus the fact that most health insurance providers don’t cover these types of costs, many are inclined to undergo the procedure in other countries. However, there are those who are concerned about the quality of services and healthcare in the region.

In the past, the accuracy of LASIK machines was still questionable. Older models were prone to errors, but the skill of an ophthalmologist often compensated. Today, significant advances in LASIK technology have resulted in highly accurate machines, which is why the procedure has enjoyed a very high success rate.

Modern LASIK equipments are widely available in Southeast Asia. If you need to be certain that one of the latest technologies will be used by a certain clinic, there is no harm in asking for the make and model of the machine that the clinic or hospital currently use. You can then verify if the machine is included in the list of FDA approved LASIK machines.

The price difference of having LASIK eye surgery in the west compared to having one in Southeast Asia is significant. The prices in SE Asia are often 50 to 70 percent less than the average prices of the same procedure in the west.

In essence, you’ll be receiving high quality LASIK services comparable to those provided by western clinics at significantly lower prices.

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