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Save Money When You Get LASIK Surgery in Southeast Asia

Ever since LASIK was introduced in Indonesia sometime in 1998, news of this new technology in eye surgery spread rapidly. Unfortunately, excitement about the technology soon simmered due to the high cost of the procedure. The prices haven’t changed much over the years, so if you’re considering LASIK eye surgery but don’t want to spend a fortune, you’ll need to opt to have it done elsewhere.

Fortunately, LASIK is widely available in almost every country in Southeast Asia, thereby presenting you with plenty of choices. Some of the best choices in terms of prices for the procedure are Thailand and Singapore. Both countries are only a few hours away from Indonesia by air, so the cost of travel won’t be a prohibiting factor.

The question is, how much can you really save by traveling to another country for LASIK eye surgery? The answer depends on several factors, such as your choice of country, clinic, the LASIK technology to be used, the required procedure, and sometimes even the qualifications of the attending ophthalmologist. However, considering that many eye specialty clinics in Indonesia that offer the latest technology of LASIK eye surgery equipment charge almost the same rates as their western counterparts, you’ll still be able to save a substantial amount, which is at least 50% of average cost in your country.

To figure out exactly how much you’ll save by undergoing LASIK eye surgery in other Southeast Asian countries, you’ll need to inquire with the clinic of your choice or several other clinics. Doing so will not be difficult since most of the popular clinics and hospitals have websites where you can request for information.

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