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Save Thousands on Goiter Treatment in Southeast Asia

Goiter is a medical condition characterised by an enlarged thyroid gland. It can be caused by the lack of iodine or the under or overproduction of thyroid hormones that develop in the gland. The condition, which can make it difficult for patients to breathe or swallow, can be treated with medications, hormone replacement therapy, or surgery if the mass has become large enough that it is already compressing the trachea, esophagus, and blood vessels of the neck.

Many hospitals in Southeast Asia, particularly in Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia, offer comprehensive, Western-quality medical care. Most of these hospitals are accredited by the Joint Commission International; a proof that they deliver medical care that meets international standards. Medical tourists from within Asia and Western countries can take advantage of their services to enjoy not just top-quality care but also affordable medical services.

JCI-accredited medical facilities in Southeast Asia are staffed by internationally trained doctors, specialists, and surgeons who are adept at using advanced diagnostic technologies and surgical methods that are commonly used in the United States and European countries. This promises medical tourists accurate diagnosis and effective, reliable treatment. Despite offering top quality medical care, JCI-accredited hospitals in the region do not charge exorbitant fees. In fact, when compared to the cost of seeking treatment in Western countries, patients in Southeast Asia can save up to 75% on all medical services.

Because of the huge savings, patients have more than enough money for their other travel-related expenses such as accommodation, transportation, and even tours. Instead of staying in a drab hospital room throughout their entire recovery period, they can check into a high-quality hotel or sign up for special sightseeing tours that are specially designed for medical tourists who are recovering from their medical condition.

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