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Schedule Your Hip Replacement Surgery in Singapore

Singapore is definitely your best option when seeking high quality hip replacement surgery outside of Indonesia, But before you book your flight, there are few factors that you need to seriously consider:

1) Recovery period - Hip replacement is a common surgery procedure and it will only take a few hours to complete. However, recovery is a different matter all together. A day after your surgery, you can expect to have marginal functions of your legs. You may even be asked to attempt walking with the help of an assistant. However, you’ll need to stay at the hospital for a few days, or even up to a week.

2) Traveling Home - You will need someone to help you move around if you’re planning to return to Indonesia right after being released from the hospital. Your movement will be limited during that time so you may have a bit of problem at airports and while inside the aircraft.

3) Physical Therapy - Physical therapy will also be required to help you gain full control of your legs and to improve your movement. You have the option to stay in Singapore for post surgery physical therapy or arrange for this in Indonesia should you need to travel back sooner.

Planning will save you time, effort, and money if you’re considering undergoing hip replacement surgery in Singapore. You’ll be home for much of the recovery process, so make sure that you’ve arranged for everything you’ll need before you leave.

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