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SE Asia Offers Holistic Care for Neurofibromatosis Syndrome

Neurofibromatosis syndrome is a group of autosomal dominant disorders characterised by the growth of tumours in the nervous system due to the mutation of certain genes. The tumours, which are called neurofibromas or tumours of the peripheral nerves, are usually benign or non-cancerous but can cause visible symptoms such as brown spots on the skin, small bumps within the nerves, freckles in the groin or armpit, and skin flaps.

There is currently no cure for neurofibromatosis syndrome. Available treatments are aimed at providing symptoms relief to give patients the best possible quality of life. For example, patients with big tumours that are causing pain or discomfort may undergo surgical excision while those who develop malignant tumours may undergo advanced cancer treatments such as radiation therapy. Those who suffer from hearing loss may obtain cochlear implant or an auditory brainstem implant. All these treatments and more are widely available at many of Southeast Asia’s fully equipped, state-of-the-art multidisciplinary hospitals.

Some of the best hospitals in the region where patients with neurofibromatosis syndrome can receive treatment include Gleneagles Hospitals in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and Penang in Malaysia. The Gleneagles group of hospitals are some of the most advanced and most reputable medical facilities in the region and are accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI), which means that they meet the highest international standards in healthcare.

Despite the excellent reputation of these hospitals, they adhere to Southeast Asia’s highly competitive medical pricing scheme. Medical care in the region is generally less expensive and up to 75% cheaper than in the US or Europe. Thus, despite the complex nature of treatments required by patients with neurofibromatosis syndrome, they can still receive the best possible treatment outcomes while also saving money. This is Southeast Asia’s promise to all medical tourists.

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