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SE Asia Offers Safe and Low-Cost Removal of Foreign Body

A foreign body is any external object that has entered the body usually by accident or injury. Some of them are inhaled or swallowed, and most commonly affect the airways or the gastrointestinal tract. They are also common among young children who are prone to sticking foreign objects in their mouths, noses, or ears. A foreign body can cause various complications, such as inflammation, scarring, or infection. They can also obstruct passageways or cause toxic reactions in the body. Patients who have foreign bodies stuck in their bodies will sometimes require special surgery especially if the object cannot be removed by other means. Patients with such a complex condition can take advantage of world-class but affordable treatment in Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Thailand, which has the fastest-growing healthcare infrastructure in the region, has been consistently striving to deliver high quality but low-cost medical care. While the US and UK charge a fortune for innovative medical treatments, Thailand is making such treatments as affordable as possible. This is good news for patients who may be in need of complex surgery or advanced minimally invasive treatments for the removal of foreign bodies. Since the cost of foreign body removal depends heavily on the ease or difficulty of the removal process, it is best to go to a destination where healthcare costs are generally low. The removal process may also require special equipment, such as a suction machine, retractors, or an esophagoscopy, all of which are currently available in Thailand’s top hospitals.

Aside from high-quality medical care, Thailand is also popular for its hospitality and excellent nursing care. The country has a large number of doctors and specialists, many of whom received international training in the US and UK. Thus, they have experience in providing world-class medical care to all patients.

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