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SEA is the More Practical Choice for Brachytherapy Treatment

Brachytherapy is a revolutionary radiation therapy that is now being used for cancer treatment. It offers a minimally invasive way of treating cancers affecting the prostate, cervix, skin, lung, breast, uterus, vagina, rectum, and gallbladder. During a brachytherapy, radioactive seeds are placed in or near the malignant tumor so that they can kill the cancer cells without harming surrounding healthy tissues. These seeds can be left inside the body indefinitely, with their radioactivity level eventually diminishing to prevent further affecting the patient.

Although relatively new in western countries, brachytherapy has been extensively used in Southeast Asia for quite some time now. This makes Southeast Asian hospitals, health facilities, and oncologists more reliable in performing the treatment due to their experience and a wide range of advanced technology and techniques they use in placing the radioactive seeds into the body. Oncologists in countries like Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia are equipped with both sufficient experience and competent equipment to carry out brachytherapy treatments more efficiently to the greater benefit of the patients.

Additionally, Southeast Asian cancer treatment facilities and hospitals are also known for having larger medical staff, which means more doctors at hand to attend to patients’ needs. This greatly reduces the waiting times and the inconvenience experienced by the patients. Since early response to cancer is key to raising the patient’s chances for survival, the shorter length of time it takes for treatment to be fully initiated makes a significant difference in the overall outlook of treatment.

Due, however, to the recent popularity of brachytherapy in the west, it may entail high costs in western countries. Thus, it is more practical to travel to Southeast Asia, where costs are up to 70 percent lower. This makes the region the best destination for advanced cancer treatments such as brachytherapy.

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