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SEA is the Preferred Choice for Odontogenic Cyst Treatment

Odontogenic cysts originate from the tissues that are responsible for tooth development and are made up of fluids, air, and other semi-solid materials. As the cysts have the tendency to grow aggressively, patients are encouraged to undergo treatment as soon as possible. Depending on the location and extent of such cysts, patients may require a root canal procedure or oral surgical resection.

Unfortunately, many patients with odontogenic cysts do not have access to affordable but quality dental and oral care in their home country, which explains why more and more people choose to travel overseas. One of the best medical tourism destinations these days is Southeast Asia, a region renowned for offering highly affordable but top quality dental procedures. In countries such as Thailand and Malaysia, the price of root canal treatment and surgery is about a third of the cost in countries like the US or Australia.

There are several state-of-the-art dental facilities scattered throughout Thailand, with many of them located in Bangkok. These one-stop dental care centres are staffed by dental specialists, most of whom were trained or board-certified in Western countries like the US and Europe. Some of them are part of a hospital, such as the in-house dental facility of Bumrungrad International, the first Joint Commission International (JCI)-accredited hospital in Asia.

Dental tourism is also on the rise in Malaysia, which is fast gaining worldwide attention as a forward-thinking developing country. So far, Malaysia has the most active medical tourism programmes in the region. The government has worked hard to provide facilities that are welcoming for medical tourists and has even placed a lot of English-speaking healthcare professionals in its hospitals. Its visa requirements for medical travellers are highly flexible, making it the preferred choice for those who require immediate treatment for a range of dental and medical conditions.

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