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SEA is Top Choice for Bloody Nipple Discharge Treatment

A bloody nipple discharge is caused by many factors, but the most common is a breast lump or tumour. Other causes include an infection, injury, hormonal changes, endocrine disorders, and other diseases like Paget’s disease. Sometimes, the bloody discharge goes away without treatment. However, to make sure it is not caused by a serious disease, patients should have their breasts checked. In some cases, breast biopsy is also performed in which a doctor takes a tiny sample of tissue from the patient’s breast and examines it under a microscope.

Patients who experience bloody nipple discharge are advised to seek medical attention from breast care specialists. If they can’t find this service locally, it would be a good idea to consider going to Southeast Asia.

Southeast Asia is now one of the top medical tourism destinations in the world. It became popular due to the high quality of medical care that it offers to medical tourists. In fact, the quality is the same as what is offered in advanced medical centres in the United States and Europe. But although the quality is the same, hospitals in Southeast Asia charge patients so much less than hospitals in the West. This gives medical tourists more affordable options.

Also, many Southeast Asian hospitals have access to advanced imaging technologies that are also used in the US and UK. One example is advanced ultrasound imaging. Ultrasound scans play an important role in diagnosing breast lesions and tumours. With the help of advanced imaging equipment, it is easier for doctors in Southeast Asia to determine the real cause of bloody nipple discharge. Thanks to an accurate diagnosis, many patients with abnormal nipple discharge are able to receive the right treatment for their condition.

Even the doctors in Southeast Asia are equal to doctors in the West when it comes to skills and efficiency. This is because many doctors in the region completed their education and training in the West. Many of them brought back the same techniques and standards that are used in the US and UK. By bringing these to Southeast Asia, good quality medical care became more affordable and more accessible for more people.

So those who experience a bloody nipple discharge don’t have to wait so long or spend so much money. They can have their condition diagnosed and treated in Southeast Asia. Many patients who have received treatment in Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia also commend the hospitals in the region. Many of these hospitals are known for their shorter waiting periods, excellent nursing care, and great amenities for international patients. These factors have also helped the hospitals earned their Joint Commission International (JCI) and International Standards Organisation (ISO) accreditations.

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