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SEA Offers Advanced Arrhythmia Treatment at Lower Costs

An arrhythmia is a heart condition characterized by an abnormal heart rhythm due to a faulty electrical activity inside the heart. It can cause the heart to either beat too fast or too slow or at different times, both. This erratic heart movement may cause other complications, such as inadequate blood and oxygen supply to key organs, and can thus put a patient’s life at risk. This makes it highly important for a person suffering from arrhythmia to receive immediate medical care.

But cardiac care in the West can be a bit costly, which is why Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia have now become the prime destinations for heart treatments, thanks to the affordable cost of healthcare in the region. Statistics shows that heart care costs are as much as 80 percent more budget-friendly in Southeast Asia than in the West.

Despite the significantly lower costs, the quality of heart care is at par or even better than that offered in western countries. As an example, Bangkok, Thailand’s capital city, is currently home to a number of the most advanced medical facilities in the world, where cardiac care and surgery have reached milestones in terms of surgical techniques, available equipment, and professional skill of doctors. Thailand is also home to advanced imaging technologies such as multi-detector CT scans and 4D ultrasound, which make the diagnosis and patient evaluation more reliable. Most importantly, Thailand also boasts of advanced cardiac treatments such as cartosound, a procedure specifically used in the treatment of arrhythmias.

So if you are suffering from arrhythmia, you can receive the urgent treatment that you need at a price you can afford by traveling to Southeast Asia.

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