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SEA Offers High-Quality Treatment for Lower Leg Fracture

The lower leg, which is also called the tibia or the shinbone, is one of the long bones in the body. Just like any other bone in the body, the lower leg can also get broken or fractured. Lower leg fractures can be stable or displaced. Stable means that the bone is cracked but still stays in place while displaced means that the broken ends of the bone are separated and are not aligned. Some fractures are also open, which means that the broken bone breaks through the skin resulting in an open wound.

A fracture of the lower leg is a serious injury as it could lead to long-term or even permanent disability. It can also cause complications in persons with existing health problems, such as diabetes. Thus, it is very important for patients to be treated right away by orthopaedic specialists, or doctors who focus on treating bone-related problems.

Some of the best orthopaedic specialists can now be found in Southeast Asia particularly in Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia. Many of these doctors have decades of experience and have trained, studied, or practiced in Western countries mostly in Europe and United States. This means that they are trained in the use of latest medical technologies that can significantly improve patient outcomes.

Southeast Asia is also home to hospitals and specialty medical facilities that offer high-quality musculoskeletal care. Examples are the Singapore Sports and Orthopaedic Clinic in Gleneagles Medical Centre and the Orthopaedic Specialists Singapore in Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital.

Although the quality of treatment for lower leg fracture in Southeast Asia meets international standards, orthopaedic services in the region are very affordable. When compared to the US or UK, comprehensive treatment of fractures in Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia is up to 75% cheaper.

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