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Seek Cancer Treatment in Southeast Asia

Official figures have confirmed that liver cancer affects more than one million people in western countries every year. This type of cancer, which is characterized by the growth and spread of unhealthy cells in the liver, is commonly caused by long-term hepatitis B and C, excessive alcohol use, diabetes, obesity, and certain inherited metabolic diseases.

Patients who are suffering from this condition may elect to seek treatment outside of their country. One of your best options is traveling to Southeast Asia. The region has a wealth of highly qualified and experienced oncologists. Also, Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia have dedicated hospitals and research institutes devoted entirely to treating cancer.

These Southeast Asian countries also have impressive healthcare systems specifically designed to ensure that both locals and international patients have equal access to different levels of healthcare. Here, you can take advantage of modern medical infrastructure, five-star medical facilities, and high quality treatment without spending a fortune. Comprehensive treatment of liver cancer, which starts from screening to palliative care, is up to 75% cheaper compared in most western countries.

Also, medical professionals in Southeast Asia understand that early detection and immediate medical treatment increases the chances of improved outcomes. For this reason, international patients are assured not to wait for more than a couple of days for the initiation of treatment after screening and diagnosis. This means that you’ll be accommodated at a moment’s notice.

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