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Seek Liver Cancer Treatment in Singapore

Singapore has long been at the forefront of cancer research committed to define new standards in the field of oncology. The country has invested heavily in its National Cancer Center that has long been recognized as the home to the largest number of surgeons and oncologists serving growing number of cancer patients. Because of the center’s ability to attract the best medical professionals in the research and medical community, the center is able to provide the very best in cancer care.

If you’re from Indonesia who wish to travel to Singapore for liver cancer treatment, know that your best option is surgery. This is the treatment of choice of most oncologists regardless if you have primary liver cancer or metastatic (cancer spreading to the liver as a result of colon cancer). Oncologists in Singapore, who are considered some of the best in the world, will combine the surgery with chemotherapy for advanced cases to significantly improve your chances of survival. When surgery is not possible for cancer patients (e.g. due to old age or compromised nervous system), treatment options will include localized chemotherapy and radiofrequency ablation (RFA).

Hospitals in Singapore that are focused in curing cancer patients have dedicated surgical team that works with several medical professionals with different subspecialties to derive the optimum course of treatment for each patient. Only advanced methodologies are used in treating liver cancer in Singapore. For this reason, the country was able to build a great reputation for high standards that attract a regular stream of patients not just from Indonesia but also across the world.

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