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Seek Treatment for Fistula in Southeast Asia

A fistula refers to the connection of two cavities creating an abnormal passageway in the body. Fistulas are commonly caused by surgery or injury but can also be a direct result of inflammation or infection. A common way a fistula is formed is when a pocket of pus (abscess) inside the body is constantly filled with stool or urine. Eventually, they break though an organ, skin or another body cavity.

Fistula is commonly treated through surgery. In western countries, the cost for such surgery can cost a fortune. Although the rate varies per country, patients have to prepare to pay for operating room, doctor’s fee, medicines and standard tests and diagnostics, which can be as much as $1,500 excluding post-operative care and rehabilitation support.

If that’s more than what you can afford, you can get the same quality treatment in Southeast Asia without spending a fortune. Traveling to Thailand, Malaysia, or Singapore lets you have the same procedure (performed by internationally trained medical professionals in a well equipped medical facility) for as low as $200. Even with associated costs like accommodation and airfare, you’ll still save up to $1,000.

Also, traveling to Southeast Asia equates to immediate medical attention. As long as you book an appointment prior to your arrival, standard tests, diagnostics and even the surgery can be had in a moment’s notice. This is crucial if you want to minimize associated costs and if you have limited time to spend in the region.

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