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Seek Wrist Pain Treatment in Singapore

If you have been suffering from prolonged wrist pain and seeking for the best possible treatment in Singapore, know that you have other options other than undergoing surgery. In fact, minor to moderate wrist pain especially when caused by sprain typically heals on their own. Applying ice packs or compressing the wrist with a bandage usually works. Wearing splint, taking anti-inflammatory painkillers, and doing strengthening exercises are also proven to be effective in most cases.

However, if everything else fails, you should consult a doctor to get accurate diagnosis. This may involve getting X-rays, CT scan, MRI, nerve tests and even ultrasound. The doctor will also examine the wrist to look for signs of arthritis, gout, infection, and other conditions. Depending on the severity of the case, you maybe referred to orthopedic surgeon. You can find the best ones in Singapore and they are typically practicing in the country’s top medical hospitals that are fully equipped to provide you with comprehensive treatment, including surgery and after care, for your wrist pain.

If diagnosis reveals advanced case of wrist problems that cannot be treated through medication and exercises, you will be given two surgical options. These are wrist fusion and wrist joint replacement. While the former is highly suggested for wrist that is badly damaged, the latter is designed primarily to get rid of pain and to keep some wrist movement. Your orthopedic surgeon in Singapore can help you make well-informed decision.

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