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Seek Wrist Pain Treatment in Southeast Asia

Wrist pain is considered one of the most serious types of occupational condition that affect millions of patients in western countries. This is typically due to repetitive motion trauma that results in serious pain in the wrist. However, it can also be caused by arthritis, dislocation, and carpal tunnel syndrome. As this occupational hazard keeps millions of workers from performing their jobs, immediate treatment is crucial.

Although comprehensive diagnosis, treatment, and management of this condition is widely available in western countries, more and more patients are heading to Southeast Asia mainly to save cost.

Southeast Asia is home to Thailand and Singapore, which are considered medical hubs not just in the region but also across the world. Both countries are fully equipped to provide you with accurate diagnosis, which is essential for proper treatment.

When you travel to Southeast Asia for wrist pain, you will initially have to consult a general practitioner. Based on initial diagnosis, you will be referred to a doctor that specialize in joint disorders, orthopedic surgeon, or even sports medicine. The good thing about top hospitals in Southeast Asia that are accredited to treat international patients is that they have a long list of medical professionals with subspecialties in one facility making it easier for you to get immediate medical treatment.

Tests maybe required to properly diagnose the condition. These include X-rays, CT scan, MRI, and even ultrasound. Arthroscopy and nerve tests may also be ordered. Depending on the severity of your case, you may be prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs or undergo surgery.

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