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SG is the Top Medical Destination for Nipple Reduction

Nipple and areola reduction is now available for women who are not satisfied with the shape, size, or appearance of their nipples or the areola that surround them. Nipple reduction surgery can improve the appearance of long, droopy, puffy, or oversized nipples and areolas to enhance the overall look of the breasts.

Due to the sensitivity of this procedure, it is important to seek the right clinic and the right surgeon to work with. Unfortunately, in the western facilities, nipple reduction surgery can cost up to $4000.

If you’re from Indonesia, you’ll be glad to know that the exact same procedure is also available in Singapore, which is currently leading the pack of Southeast Asian countries with highly advanced medical and cosmetic infrastructure. Singapore’s cosmetic facilities now offer nipple reduction surgery at 70% less of what is being charged in western countries. And with surgeons trained in the west, the quality of care and the outcome of the procedures are all comparable to those in the United States and Europe, minus the hefty price tag.

Offering world-class care, Western-trained doctors, and highly advanced technologies in the field of cosmetic and plastic surgery, it is no wonder Singapore is fast becoming the most favorable medical tourism destination in Asia.

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