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SG’s Quality Meniscal Repair Surgery at an Affordable Price

Meniscal tears are tears in the meniscus, a piece of cartilage which role is to keep the joint stable despite the impact that it regularly receives. Although tough and rubber-like in consistency, the menisci can be torn as a result of a knee injury, such as anterior cruciate ligament tears. Many of these injuries occur while doing sports or other strenuous activities, but they can also occur due to aging and worn out tissues and cartilage. Regardless of the cause, meniscal tears can be painful and has to be surgically repaired.

Singapore, one of the prime destinations in the global medical tourism industry, offers surgical meniscal repair through its world-class orthopaedic facilities, which make up a part of the country’s impressive medical infrastructure. Boasting of modern orthopaedics and the latest in surgical technology, Singapore’s healthcare centers are fully equipped to provide pain relief for suffering patients from Indonesia and all over the world. Medical tourists are rest assured that the procedures are performed only by highly qualified, board-certified surgeons, with the majority receiving training and education in the US and Europe.

Also, since it is closer to Indonesia, the total cost of travel and medical care amounts to just a small portion of what surgeons in the US and Europe are charging, offering medical tourists savings of up to 70 percent. It may be challenging to find a meniscectomy or meniscus repair surgery at an affordable cost at a quality that’s at par with the first-world countries, but that’s exactly what Singapore offers.

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