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Singapore Is A Top Destination for Dental Veneers

As Indonesia’s population becomes more appearance-conscious, the demand for aesthetic dental procedures such as veneers has significantly increased over the years. Veneers are dental porcelain laminates used to cover the tooth’s surface to improve appearance. Although the technology required to perform this dental procedure is widely available in the country, Indonesia is still not the best place in Southeast Asia to get veneers.

If you seek the highest quality dental care without spending a fortune, traveling to Singapore is definitely your most viable option.

Visiting a dentist in Singapore who specialize in veneers and who is a member of national dental health organization is the first step to determine if the procedure is the most appropriate option for you. Most dental clinics in the country, both private and public, typically offer comprehensive and specialized dental solutions with in-house dental laboratory for the fabrication of the restorations needed.

When it comes to technology used, Singapore, which healthcare system is recognized as the best in the region, used only the most advanced. International patients who have very limited time in the country can take advantage of cutting-edge chair-side CAD/CAM technology. Also known as same day dentistry, this technology is used to produce, bond, and adjust veneers in just one visit.

Meanwhile, high quality of care is guaranteed in Singapore as majority of dentists practicing in the country are internationally trained and have solid years of experience under their belts.

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